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Infinity Auto Solutions in Aldershot, is Hampshire's Best Independent Automotive Service Centre.

Are you looking for General Car & Van Vehicle Repairs in Aldershot? If so, Infinity Auto Solutions, the BEST Independent Garage in Aldershot, will repair your car, or repair your Van. At Infinity Auto Solutions, you're in safe hands, we pride ourselves on giving your vehicle the best care possible.

At Infinity Auto Solutions in Aldershot we carry out a full range of vehicle repairs to all models of vehicles. From the smallest ‘tweak’ to the most complex ‘rebuild’ our fully trained technicians have got you covered. Below we’ve listed just a few of the areas we specialise in.

Air Conditioning

Although there is no specified Air Conditioning Service Schedule, most manufacturers agree that your Air Conditioning System should be periodically inspected and re-gassed to keep the climate control in your vehicle working year round. You too can extend the service life of your Air Conditioning system by using it all year round, not only in the summer months.

Let us check your vehicle’s air conditioning system, and if it needs repair, we can not only offer you a top notch level of service, but also genuine parts. Guaranteeing your Air Conditioning system will keep you chilled for years to come.

Brake Repairs

There will come a time when your vehicle’s brakes will need repair. The commonest problem we see in our independent workshops in Aldershot while servicing your vehicle is worn out Brake Pads, front or rear. At Infinity Auto Solutions we only use quality replacement brake parts for all the vehicles we repair in our workshop.

It’s important to keep your vehicle's brakes working effectively, your life depends on it. If your unsure about the effectiveness of your car or van brakes, give us a ring on 01252 313175 and we’d be happy to take a look and advise you on the best course of action to take to keep you stopping on a penny.

Suspension Repairs

These days both cars and vans are renowned for their smooth ride, but this is dependent on the suspension components on your vehicle being in tip top condition. There are all sorts of things that can reduce the effectiveness of your vehicle’s suspension system, but pot holes and high mileages are the main reasons we have to repair the suspension on many a vehicle.

The main suspension components on your vehicle that give problems are the shock absorbers, coil springs, suspension bushes and suspension ball joints, these items are also part of the MOT Test. They all work in harmony with each other to ensure you have a smooth ride and arrive at your destination fresh and relaxed. If you have any strange noises, clunks or rattles from the underside of your car or van, it could be a sign that there are problems with the suspension on your vehicle and it needs repair.

Engine Repairs

The heart of your vehicle is the engine, it’s generally reliable but requires constant attention. Servicing is the most important thing you can do to ensure many miles of trouble free motoring. Although modern engines are reliable, there are several mechanical problems that have become quite common, even famous. Mercedes ‘Black Death’ is one of those, as well as failure of the timing chain tensioners for the engine’s timing chain. Both of these problem areas can be dramatically reduced by the use of specialist chemical additives specially designed to combat these failures.

There are of course many internal, as well as external engine components on your vehicle's engine that could fail. At Infinity Auto Solutions, Aldershot’s best independent automotive specialists we are specialist vehicle engine rebuilders and repair experts. Catching problems early is key to maximising the longevity of your engine, so if your vehicles engine smokes, rattles or shudders as you drive along, don’t delay, drop by our workshop in Aldershot and we’ll get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Welding Repairs

Cars and vans have become pretty good over the years for NOT corroding excessively. This is partly due to the fact that during manufacturer the bodyshell is hot dipped in a galvanising solution to resist corrosion. However, many older vehicles still do require occasional welding repair to be carried out.

At Infinity Auto Solutions, your friendly independent garage in Aldershot, we have all the expertise to be able to stitch your car, van or classic car back together. All of our weld repairs to your vehicle are conducted to the high standards you have come to expect from us. And, are completed in line with current MOT standards.

Wheels & Tyres

Keeping your vehicle moving along safely are the wheels and tyres of your car or van. When you bring your vehicle into us at our Aldershot garage for servicing or repair, we will check to make sure your tyres are still in good shape and advise you on any up-coming repairs that maybe needed to keep you safely on the road.

Vehicle manufacturers place extremely high demands on the quality of their vehicles and, as a result, demand the very best from the tyres approved for each vehicle. No matter if it’s winter tyres for the cold season or summer tyres for the scorching heat and wet roads – we have a “tailor-made” solution for your vehicle. As a leading independent garage in Aldershot, we can offer you competitively priced tyres for all makes and models, give us a call for a competitive quote today on 01252 313175.


The battery in your car or van has come on a long way in just a few years. So much of your vehicle’s electrical systems rely on it now. In years gone by having a poorly performing car battery would not have been a huge problem. However, in a modern car or van, if your car battery is not in tip-top condition and needs repair, your vehicle will most likely break down.

Modern vehicle electrical systems are very sensitive to the state of charge in your car battery, that's why it's checked as part of your Annual Service. Even a low level of deterioration to the car battery will lead to warning lamps appearing on your dashboard urging you to seek help as soon as possible. If this happens to you, don’t panic, pick up the phone and give us a call. We’d be happy to check out what’s going on and advise you on what you need to do to keep you on the road. At Infinity Auto Solutions in Aldershot we keep the full range of specialist car batteries for all makes and models of vehicles, even those with the new ‘Stop – Start’ technology.

Auto Electrics

We’ve mentioned above the need to have a properly functioning car battery, but there’s also a plethora of other electrical systems in your vehicle that need to be operating properly to make sure your car gets you from A to B. Did you know that today’s luxury cars contain some 1,500 copper wires, totalling about 1 mile in length. To put that into perspective, in 1948, the average family car contained only about 55 wires, amounting to total length of 150 feet.

At Infinity Auto Solutions in Aldershot, we are expert auto electricians. As factory trained technicians we’ve been involved with the electrical technology of modern vehicles as it’s developed over the years. From the CAN bus system, and the micro controllers to the wiring that connects them together, we’ve got you covered.


Motorsport is something we also enjoy at Infinity Auto Solutions. We often get requests from our customers to carry out modifications to their vehicles when it’s in need of repair. Over the years we’ve fitted up rated suspension systems, big bore exhaust pipes and high performance engine modifications.

We only use quality upgrade components that will offer years of reliable service and reliability. If you want to upgrade your vehicle, give us a call or pop in and we’d be happy to share a few stories and discuss the best way to achieve what your heart desires.

Book your vehicle in today for MOT Tests, Servicing, Tyres, Welding, Air Conditioning, Wheel Alignment Repairs and every kind of General Car or Van Repair at Infinity Auto Solutions in Aldershot, today.

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